Friday, September 4, 2015

'I see the mummy of my darling cat Miu coming,' Nefera thought.

"The Princess Who Lost her Scroll of the Dead" Amazon Kindle for young readers

NEFERA was quite enjoying the attention.

   The death of a king’s daughter was a big occasion and the royal procession of the coffin through the mud brick city to the tomb in the desert hills was a spectacle not to be missed.
   Especially this one. It was all for her.
   She stood mingling with bystanders who lined the way of the procession as it made its way through the shimmering city before crossing the river, yet nobody in the crowd seemed able to see her among them.
    “She was just a girl,” a woman in the crowd said, wiping her nose as she sobbed.
    ‘Am I a ghost?’ Nefera wondered, recalling the Egyptians’ belief in an invisible double known as the Ka. ‘It does not seem so. I feel as alive as ever.’
   At the front of the procession walked a number of solemn men carrying flowers and trays of offerings of oil, perfumes, cakes, bread, haunches of beef, ducks and vegetables and more. Others carried clothes, tables, chairs, jewellery, cosmetic boxes and other tomb goods.
    ‘I see my golden lion couch coming,’ Nefera thought. ‘And my golden sandals and caskets of jewellery and, most important of all, the mummy of my darling cat, Miu.’

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