Thursday, September 3, 2015

"You're right, there’s a phallic link with this and all obelisks," she said. THE OBELISK PROPHECY

Excerpt from THE OBELISK PROPHECY. New archaeology thriller

“You’re right though, there’s a phallic link with this and all obelisks,” she said. “Phallic symbolism was not exactly unknown in ancient Egypt. An obvious example is the raising of the Djed pillar ceremony, an ancient Egyptian ritual echoed in the mediaeval harvest Maypole which revelers raised and danced around, another phallic celebration.”

“Freemasons believe it,” Jon said. “Firmly.”

“And in ancient Egypt, many of the golden gods in their shrines in the holy of holies in temples were ithyphallic in form.”

“Ithyphallic. Love you Egyptologists. You mean they had erections like obelisks. A high priestess called ‘The Hand of the God’ would satisfy them each morning to release the god’s creative force into the new day.”

Although Jon was a policeman, he’d been in love with ancient Egypt since he was a child and his pull towards Egyptology was almost as strong as hers. He had been a successful police detective at first, before what he called ‘his useless passion’ drew him to work in London’s Metropolitan Art and Antiques unit, fighting the illegal trade in stolen antiquities.