Saturday, October 31, 2015

ANCIENT EGYPT'S QUEEN TIYE, if anyone doubted she was a formidable lady

Display, Neues Museum, Berlin.

THE HORROR of destroyed antiquities

This Egyptian Amarnan figure expresses that horror eloquently.
Neues Museum, Berlin. 

Not as bad as destroyed lives, but a nightmare all the same.


Disturbing revelation, mythology and ancient evil in a fiction adventure.
A group of mysteriously chosen investigators is brought together and driven blindfolded in Land Cruisers to a lost site in Egypt…
An historical fantasy writer, a young female Egyptologist, a cold-case detective, a documentary film-maker, an historical scholar…
Then the darkness turns deadly.
The sanctuary of an immortal queen.
Mortal dangers for those who penetrate its secrets. 

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Friday, October 30, 2015

'THE RA VIRUS' vs an epidemiologist from today, trapped in the ancient past.

Neues Museum, Berlin

"Many of the great museums of the world were proof of it. In a bid to ward off a pandemic, Amenhotep had feverishly produced hundreds upon hundreds of statues of the lioness goddess Sekhmet, seen as the spreader of pestilence and the vengeful eye of Ra. He was attempting to placate her and ward off a terrible blight..." 

WARNING! ANCIENT GLOBAL THREAT… the impossible graffito message turns up in a newly found Egyptian tomb, along with a modern biohazard symbol.

Who sent it?

Is missing archaeology team member Lucas Burrows trapped in the ancient past during an age of terror?

What mysterious plague has hit the population of Egypt in the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and his young co-regent Akhenaten? Why is it seen as a judgement by the angry sun god Ra?

Lucas, a physician and World Health Organisation expert on pandemics, must find its source and the antidote in time to save the ancient past and the future.

Especially when his lover, the lustrous Italian-born Egyptologist Giulietta, is exposed to the deadly contagion.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

5 UNNERVING Egyptian mummy reads (Amazon Kindle)

And for young readers - 3 book set in one

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Egyptian Mystery Thrillers grounded in fact

Roy Lester Pond on Amazon Kindle

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A new plot with more twists than a snake THE CLEOPATRA DEATH CONSPIRACY

Moving on from the snake

Did Cleopatra take poison (like Shakespeare's Juliet) that merely gave her the ‘borrow’d likeness of shrunk death’?

Egypt adventure archaeology fiction with a touch of the unknown - on AMAZON KINDLE

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A VIRTUAL EGYPTWORLD holds real dangers


‘VIRTUAL ETERNITY EGYPT’ – A journey through ancient Egypt’s underworld - shocking reality, or deadly Virtual Reality?

Eight very different people are chosen to road test ‘VIRTUAL ETERNITY’, an ancient Egyptian virtual reality simulator housed in a complex on the estate of tech billionaire Brandon Viking, a lifelong lover of Egypt’s past.

Then, shockingly, a journeyer dies... really dies, it seems.

They are in a race against time and a struggle against the guardians and monsters of the underworld as well as against each other. 

Action adventure fiction that hits the ground running.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Love some of the Egypt imaginings on the Internet... this one's a computer game

Reminds me of mysterious shipboard invaders in my novel, The ANUBIS INTERVENTION.
(Actually a game, The Osiris Trials)

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"Few of us believe in remote killing," the Homeland Security man said. "But we all believe in remote listening..."

The book that started it all

The man in the big blue suit, who bulked up the small meeting table, and who sat flanked by young, careful-faced men, spoke up.

“Very few of us believe in remote killing, of the kind you’ve been describing, anyway, but we all believe in remote listening. We have intelligence that something ancient, called ‘the mother of revenge’ is being levelled against our country from the land of the Nile.”

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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"Will you be my eyes in Egypt?" the blind young woman said.

So there I was at The Old Cataract, the hotel where Agatha Christie penned her novel Death on the Nile. I entered the gardened swimming pool area, which sits below a wide veranda with its famous cliff-top view over the rock-strewn Nile at Aswan.

I found the blind young woman relaxing on a poolside lounger.

“Hello, I’m Anson Hunter,” I said, approaching her.

She turned up her blonde head and her reflective dark glasses sent flashes like empty mirrors.

“Thanks for coming to meet me, Anson. I know you’ve taken groups around Egypt in the past and I am wondering… will you allow me to hire you as my personal guide for a week or so? I want you to be my eyes in Egypt.”

“Are you sure you need me?” I said.

“You’re thinking a guide dog might be a better idea, perhaps Anubis, the dog god of the necropolis?” she said. “No, it’s you I want.”

It’s hard to believe now that even though I was standing right over her at the poolside, I was probably just an elongated smudge in her vision. Her female Egyptian assistant, who had emailed me, explained that Dr Constance Somers has degenerative retinitis pigmentosa and is now ninety percent blind. I think that’s being generous.

“Me show you Egypt?” I said, squinting against the southern Egyptian sunlight. “How does that work?”

She smiled. “How do you show Egypt to a blind person?”

“I wasn’t thinking that.”

“Then what? You’re wondering how you’d nursemaid a blind woman around Egypt? Don’t worry. As you know, I have an assistant, Saneya, to look after me when I really need help. She’s up there on the veranda trying to read a book, but watching me in case I get up and dive into the shallow end of the pool or something. Mostly I manage pretty well on my own with my cane, except when I’m walking in a crowded street in a city like Cairo and somebody bumps my shoulder and I’m spun around, then I don’t know which way I’m facing anymore and that can be interesting.”

“That’s not it, either,” I said, glancing at the long white cane lying on the grass beside her lounger. “At the risk of stating the obvious, you’re a trained Egyptologist as well as being the world’s leading space archaeologist.”

“And that’s your concern?”

“Yes. What could I possibly show you?”

“You’re different. You don’t see my condition, all you see are my qualifications.”

Well, that wasn’t exactly true, I thought. I saw other things about her.

I’ve been spending a lonely time at sites lately, poking around Aswan on the trail of one of the sons of Rameses, so I couldn’t help but notice the litheness of her figure revealed by the stretchy scraps of black spandex and imagine secret areas of humidity beneath. The tremor of tightness I felt in my stomach gave way to a twinge of guilt and I felt bad for looking.
This was like stealing from an unattended store.

There’s a voyeuristic aspect to staring at someone who doesn’t know it and the experience is further tainted by a sense of guilt when you’re looking at a person with a disability, albeit one as attractive as all hell...

The most famous ancient Egyptian fragment from a tomb painting?

 Tomb of Nebamun
What a family snapshot to take into eternity. A tomb owner in the prime of life. A wife dressed to kill. A little daughter squatting on the skiff, clinging endearingly to his leg. (Don't you love her little toes peeping out?) Nature swarming with beauty.

Peeping toes
Dressed to kill

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

POSTER "The Princess Who Lost Her Scroll of the Dead"

For young readers

Books of the Dead were magical scrolls that acted as passports to the other world. They were essential to the ancient Egyptians, a guide that allowed them to pass safely through the challenges of the gates and guardians of the underworld.
What happens when a young girl discovers she has been tricked by a greedy scribe, her costly scoll swapped for a blank one so the original can be sold again?

Now young Nefera must face the terrors of the underworld alone, clutching a worthless scroll.

Then a boy tomb robber Ipy and his pet monkey join her.

Can they help her find her way to the Fields of the Blessed?

What is the secret they are keeping from her?

They must hurry and reach the Judgement Hall before dawn or be lost forever...

"One terrific story..." -- N. Ignatowicz, Editor-at-Large, Children's Books, New York.

*****5 stars "Great Egyptian imagery"- Goodreads reader


EGYPT EYES A forbidden secret under Egypt's sands

"Be my eyes in Egypt," she said.

“Be my eyes in Egypt,” she says to him. The celebrated young Egyptologist and space archaeologist Dr Constance Somers had once explored ancient Egypt from space. But now she is legally blind. She hires controversial, alternative Egyptologist Anson Hunter to be her guide on a Nile cruise. ‘Show me the hidden Egypt of your imagination,’ she says. 

But does she have a darker purpose, planning to use his unique skills to help her penetrate a secret and dangerous site that she found? 

And why are agents of the US National Reconnaissance Office, a secret Intelligence agency in charge of satellites and overhead security, suddenly taking an interest in the work of the space archaeologist? Has she made a discovery in her satellite archaeology that has global security ramifications?

Anson must face unexpected enemies at every turn and use his skills to survive the dangers of a lost underground sanctuary as he tries to unlock its shattering secret.

‘Egypt Eyes’ is groundbreaking adventure and mystery fiction with an Egyptologist’s blogs and photos.

Friday, October 2, 2015

"The donkey had a bad press in ancient Egypt," she said.

“The donkey had a bad press in ancient Egypt,” she informed him. “Much maligned, generally inoffensive, occasionally perverse and abominated since ancient times - so hated that the temple scribes could not write its name without showing a knife stuck in its shoulder - yet the little African donkey is indefatigable. It goes like the devil. Which was exactly what the ancients thought it was. A devil. The donkey was an essentially evil entity in the creeds of the Egyptians, personified by the god Seth. The donkey was the magical scapegoat par excellence."

Take a walk on the mysterious side of ancient Egypt... and feel its power today

Mystery, mythology, conspiracy, crime. Roy Lester Pond on AMAZON KINDLE