Tuesday, October 6, 2015

POSTER "The Princess Who Lost Her Scroll of the Dead"

For young readers

Books of the Dead were magical scrolls that acted as passports to the other world. They were essential to the ancient Egyptians, a guide that allowed them to pass safely through the challenges of the gates and guardians of the underworld.
What happens when a young girl discovers she has been tricked by a greedy scribe, her costly scoll swapped for a blank one so the original can be sold again?

Now young Nefera must face the terrors of the underworld alone, clutching a worthless scroll.

Then a boy tomb robber Ipy and his pet monkey join her.

Can they help her find her way to the Fields of the Blessed?

What is the secret they are keeping from her?

They must hurry and reach the Judgement Hall before dawn or be lost forever...

"One terrific story..." -- N. Ignatowicz, Editor-at-Large, Children's Books, New York.

*****5 stars "Great Egyptian imagery"- Goodreads reader