Thursday, August 11, 2016

Have you discovered the mystery of ancient Egypt's CROCODILE QUEEN?

About Sobekneferu, the Crocodile Queen – ancient Egypt’s

‘Mother of Dragons’

Sobekneferu was a 12th Dynasty queen who worshipped the crocodile-headed god Sobek. Her name means ‘the beauty of Sobek’ and she rose to become Egypt’s first attested female pharaoh.

In an astonishing twist of history, though she is little known today, the influence of this one shadowy queen, out of all of Egypt’s many illustrious queens, has lived on through the royal houses of Europe in the form of an esoteric society, Societas Draconis. Sobekneferu is revered as Queen of The Dragon (Sacred Crocodile) Court, whose mystical rituals are still practiced to this day.

Some historians have also identified Sobekneferu as the adoptive mother of Moses. When Hebrew mothers wanted to spare their newborn males from pharaoh’s edict and the blades of his executioners, they turned to Mother Nile in their hour of desperation, just as Egyptian mothers of unwanted babies had done before. They set their babies loose on the river in baskets of reeds daubed with pitch to find their fate.

Many babies were taken by crocodiles.

One of them may have been taken by the Crocodile Queen-to-be, Princess Sobekneferu, who drew him from the reeds and named him Moses and brought him up as her son and a prince of the crocodile court.

Sobek, The Crocodile-headed god. Queen Sobekneferu was the first royal to have a name linked with this god

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