Thursday, August 11, 2016

“Rome alone has more ancient Egyptian obelisks than are left standing in Egypt,” Jon said. THE OBELISK PROPHECY

Was it code pointed at the heart of civilization?
They stretch into the skies of Egypt and internationally – in London, New York, The Vatican - seats of global financial, political and religious power, as well as in Rome, Florence, Paris, Instanbul…

Obelisks, petrified rays of the sun, stood as symbols of sun worship. They also symbolised the missing phallus of the Egyptian god Osiris, the most potent talisman in ancient mythology according to Freemasonry and esoteric teachings.
The devil god Seth, brother, enemy and murderer, cut the body of Osiris into fourteen pieces, throwing his phallus into the Nile and scattering the rest throughout Egypt. The loving consort of Osiris, Isis, went in search of them and recovered every part except one.

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