Thursday, November 10, 2016

An Egyptologist with a bow, a missing arrow, a searching dog... 'The SARCOPHAGUS'

'Snakeback', the archaeologist's pet Rhodesian Ridgeback or African Lion Dog

Excerpt from the Egyptian mystery adventure "The SARCOPHAGUS":

Wilson Ryder bent his bow and shot an arrow into the desert and watched it shrink in the sky. Snakeback ran after it and he followed. The dog ran on. He hurried after it. How far had the arrow traveled? 
They came to the spot where he was sure the arrow must have fallen. 
Snakeback was standing on the spot, looking puzzled. 
Ryder looked ahead and saw a dark-haired girl holding his arrow, felt the challenge of her stare, then watched her walk away from him, carrying it to the cliffs. 
She climbed the rocky cliff path to the tomb entrance.
She disappeared into the dark mouth of the tomb. 
Ryder and Snakeback followed...

Neith, Egyptian Mistress of the Bow and Ruler of Arrows

Built to hunt lions and run all day without a drink, the Ridgeback with a snake of raised fur on its back.
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