Saturday, November 12, 2016

The ancient EGYPT technology “SPIKE” - an abiding mystery...

What came to spark the stratospheric rise of ancient Egyptian civilization?

In a land and age of mysteries, this for me is still the greatest mystery of all.

How did an ancient agrarian society suddenly flower into technological mastery – the Egyptian dynastic civilization suddenly arriving fully formed it seems, employing advanced writing, architecture, producing the first great buildings in stone, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, mummification...

Is the 'spike' the most discomforting mystery of all?

Like my fictional alternative Egyptologist Anson Hunter, I am not a great fan of ancient alien or Atlantean influencers.

If they existed, the Egyptians, assiduous record keepers, were mightily ungrateful about their benefactors, leaving them not a jot of thanks.

Yet there stand the pyramids in all their dizzying external and internal symmetries... discomforting accomplishments for mainstream Egyptologists.

And an inspiration for me as a fiction writer in books like this...