Saturday, November 12, 2016

The MUMMIES ARE COMING for children (and adults)

Nigel-Fletcher Jones cites another example of Mummymania with a new children's picture book 'How I became a Mummy' that tackles the human side of mummies... Looks like gruesome fun.

But it's not the first.

The humanising movement is well under way with 'The Princess Who Lost her Scroll of the Dead' - a pre-teen novel with photos of artefacts. 

A young princess in the tomb wakes up to find that a royal scribe has tricked her and replaced her priceless Book of the Dead with an empty rolled up scroll.  How will she negotiate the twists and turns and dangerous challenges of the underworld without the protective spells  in her magical 'passport' to eternity?

Amazon Kindle and paperback

And of course the 'humanised mummy' is already here for adults
in the story of a mysterious female mummy - the adult novel "THE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY MURDERS" where we can't help rooting for the mummy in spite of the chaos she is causing.

Amazon Kindle and paperback