Monday, December 26, 2016

2 novels about meteorite pathogens, 'TEXT MESSAGES FROM ETERNITY and 'THE HERO VIRUS'

Interesting 'Big Think' article - a validation for two new novels 
 with an SF flavour?

Now here are two very different novels featuring mystery pathogens that both have an extraordinary impact on humankind.

One story is set in ancient Egypt in my time travel novel 'TEXT MESSAGES FROM ETERNITY', where an epidemiologist from today finds himself trapped in an Egypt during a reign of pestilence. An 11th Plague of Egypt?

Did an obelisk shaped, oriented meteorite bring a virus to ancient Egypt, sent by a vengeful god Ra? Can Lucas Burrows save the people and his archaeologist love Giulietta who is digging at a contaminated site in the future?

The other novel is based in the mysterious Australian outback.
Showers of meteorites bring a space virus with a starting effect in 'THE HERO VIRUS'. 

The virus suppresses the cautionary impulse of fear in the amygdala of the human brain, creating reckless courage... and world chaos.


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