Tuesday, December 27, 2016

EGYPT ON iPAD adventure mystery fiction FOR PRE-TEENS...

Little Cousin Harry is really weird, but he is family, so Josh and Amy decide to play along with him. They join Harry in playing a series of totally spooky ancient Egypt computer games.
Trouble is, Harry's games become more and more real and dangers start to leak out of the games into real life and into their lives.
The popular Egypt series - now available in one monster book of three adventures.

 Amazon Customer:
“This book is great! This book had me spooked until the very end. I advise against reading it at night unless you're practically fearless.It makes you want to read until the very last word. I don't scare easily, but this book managed to scare me pretty bad. Plus, it's one of those books that you can read and re-read again and again. It's a great, scary book, that pulls you right into the action and doesn't let you out until you finish it. I recommend it to anyone that likes to be scared.”

Book 2 Who knows the secret of... THE MUMMY'S TOMB (USA) (Or 'The Mummy Tomb Hunt' (Australia)

Book 3 'The Mummy Rescue Mission' (Australia)

***** 5 star
“I literally consumed those three books when I read them! I sat and read the books in two days, and even when I wasn't reading them I was thinking about them. Though from memory I distinctly remember The Mummy Monster Game being my favourite, it's safe to say when I read them this time, the last in the series, The Mummy Rescue Mission was my favourite - I could literally feel the desperation Harry, Amy and Harry felt in trying to save Aunt Jillian. I had to keep reading at such a fast pace as though I had to keep up! I like the idea of mixing video games with Egyptology, being that both those things interest me. I'm glad I finally got my hands on these books…. now I can read them as often as I like.”
Fantasy adventure fiction (based on a fact)
"One terrific story..." -  Editor-at-Large, Children's Books, New York.

*****5 stars "Great Egyptian imagery"- Goodreads reader

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